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A Great Outlook for Your Products and Services

If you are a company who is looking for new ways to break through the old ideas, if you are always trying to think of new ways to get the attention of your audience or customer, we will help you to increase the versatility of your advertising activities.

Through the use of the most unique and uncluttered publicity medium of them all - the sky with a giant multi-coloured balloon - you'll put your name in heights.

There is no single graphic message more important to a company than its logo.... But no version of that logo captures the imagination quite like the one a seven story tall hot air balloon.... floating overhead at the speed of the wind. You've probably heard the term “It stopped traffic”. Nothing currently available medium STOPS TRAFFIC like a carefully crafted artwork balloon.

Consider for a moment and... try to recall the last billboard, newspaper, radio or TV advertisement you saw or heard? Now consider the last hot air balloon you encountered. Enough said.

With ever increasing media and production costs, the challenge continues to be breaking through the clutter. Whether your objective is lowest cost per thousand impressions or an elegantly executed and unforgettable statement of personal style.... you'll need to rise above the crowd to reach your goal.

Countless thousands of people along the track the balloon takes over the busy city will clearly read the name of the company sponsoring the craft - a flying advertisement of enormous dimensions. And and advertisement which, unlike some media, provokes no audience resentment.

You'll be not only seen, you'll be never forgotten!

Balloon can be instead of many things to many people. Pure fun, exiting sport, profitable advertising. And one balloon can be all three.

The cost of a balloon? You can buy a balloon for less than EUR 15 000 but a comprehensively equipped and fully artworked craft may cost up to twice that amount. Fuel costs will be between EUR 50 - 70 per flight hour to which you need to add depreciation. You are also advised to cover the balloon and passengers against accidents and third party claims and so allowances should be made for an insurance premium. Any payments to be made to pilot's crew or operating companies also need to be budgeted for.

This page can only provide some of the promotional benefits and opportunities provided by hot air balloons.

The versatility of the services we provide in generating new ways of advertising and PR for companies of all sizes has to be discussed to be believed, and because we encourage feed-back from existing customers our database of operational ideas is vast.

That knowledge and our experience about hot-air balloons are available to you. It costs no more than a phone call, e-mail or fax. Contact us !

Let's fly together!