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Festival of Ballooning Riga Vision 2005 took place in Riga, in August 18-21, during the Riga City Festivity. The balloon flights were organized over to uncrowned capital city of the Baltic countries to enjoy exiting beauty of the "City of Inspiration" from bird's eye view.

During the Festival, pilots did all planned 6 flights and a night glow.

Thanks to everybody - participants, sponsors, interesents for help to bring a joy over the city! See you next year!

Riga Vision 2004 in pictures and... the latest photo galery!

ALTIUS team in the 14th European Championship

ALTIUS team and pilot Gunars Dukste was participating in the 14th FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship that took place in Hungary, in Debrecen from May 22 till May 28. ALTIUS's air ship was the latest hot-air balloon "Riga Racer" YL-011 in Latvia.

The results of the competition -!

27'eme Semaine de Ballons

Ballooning team ALTIUS participated in The 27th Ballooning Week in Switzerland - the most popular ballooning event in the world in winter.

Pays- d'Enhaut valley. Chateau- d'Oex. January 21-30, 2005. Thanks to everybody for the great week in Alps among the balloons!

More info

ALTIUS team in Swiss Alps in 2005 and 2003

Ballooning Fiesta RIGA VISION 2004, August 19-22.

As we can find in history the first human, who launched up his balloon and flew free over the Riga for about 20 miles in August 18, 1804, was a famous Dutch aeronaut Etienne Gaspar Robertson. Due to the fact we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the human first flight in Latvia in the Ballooning Fiesta Riga Vision 2004. As the culmination of the bicentenary celebration the balloons tethering took place in the Riga’s historical heart – the Doma square in the Old City.

The flying area in Riga is a bit more challenging than many other competition areas. Thanks to competition director Mr.Cornelis van Helden from Belgium who found the way to set competition tasks for winning sponsors' prizes from Olympus and Bosch! The special Riga Inspiration Trophy after 4 flights and 9 tasks was won by pilot from Russia - Sergey Vinogradov. Congratulations!

See photoes! ALTIUS and Estonian ballooning team albums.

World Hot Air Balloon Championship

The 16th WHABC took place in Mildura, Australia from June 26 till July 3.

87 hot air balloon pilots from 32 countries participated in the championship ensuring the best of the best. ALTIUS pilot Gunars Dukste was among them. How was going? Competition results and every everything about the championship you can find in!

New 7000m Altitude Record

On February 19, 2004 ALTIUS pilot Gunars Dukste set up new Latvian ballooning altitude record.

Only 69 minutes from launching were neccessary to reach the 7097m MSL altitude. Descending to 200m level hight before landing took only 30 minutes.

The flight began in Valmiera (town on the northern part of Latvia), lasted 2h 20 min and ended after 139 km near the border of Latvia and Lithuania. The max wind speed on the 7000m altitude was 151 km/h.

The record was performed with the "Cameron Balloons" hot air balloon "Prieka!" YL-009 (sub.class C-80), sponsored by "Remus"Ltd.

7079m altitude is a step toward the pilot's aim - to see Latvia from the Everest's hights (8848m). 6098m hight was reached last year. Next step is 8000m that will follow next winter.

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